How Long Do the Effects of a Thread Lift Last?

Thread lifts are an innovative anti-aging treatment that can provide long-lasting results similar to those of a surgical facelift. Learn more about how long thread lifts last.

How Long Do the Effects of a Thread Lift Last?

Thread lifts are a minimally invasive procedure that can provide results similar to a surgical facelift. The procedure delivers immediate results, and the effects can last between 12 and 18 months, depending on the individual patient's age, lifestyle, skin type and how quickly their body breaks down the sutures. It is important to understand that while no lifting technique can produce permanent results, facelift surgery will generally produce longer lasting results than a thread lift. The results of facelift surgery can last up to a decade, while a thread lift will usually last one to three years.

However, because the thread lift procedure is such a low risk, patients who like the results of their thread lift can usually choose to place a new set of temporary sutures once their old sutures are absorbed by the body. A PDO thread lift leaves the face firmer, firmer and more youthful in appearance, and offers results that can last 18 months or more. It is one of many innovative treatments offered at the Kagan Institute, with headquarters in Los Angeles and Encino, CA. The subtle results of a thread lift usually last about 2 years. Another benefit that separates a PDO lift from other anti-aging treatments is its long-lasting results. When you choose anti-aging injectables to treat the signs of aging, you'll get results, but they won't last as long as a thread lift.

Most thread lifts last 18 months or more, and once the effects wear off, you can schedule another treatment to maintain beautiful, youthful skin. The actual yarn will be around 4 to 6 months before it is absorbed by the natural hydrolysis process. As such, it pulls and tightens the skin throughout this period, after which the skin remains in place and collagen continues to be produced. In general, most patients see the results of their thread lift, which lasts about 12 to 15 months in total. Although the skin is instantly lifted after a thread lift procedure, most patients see the final lifting effect after about 14 days. Results usually last from 18 months to 3 years, after which patients can receive new threads for a renewed appearance.

Factors affected by the type of yarn used include tensile strength, effectiveness, quality and cost of treatment. Silhouette InstaLift focuses more on lifting the skin than on stimulating collagen production (although it will achieve both goals, of course), so the threads used during this procedure are designed somewhat differently. Ultherapy, which is often referred to as a non-surgical facelift, is safe enough to be applied to virtually any area of the face and neck. These threads literally tighten the skin, eliminate wrinkles and make your skin look and feel much smoother. However, thread lifts can provide a facelift alternative for older patients who cannot have surgery for medical reasons. This treatment involves placing threads under the skin that support the face from below, providing an immediate lift for sagging skin.

A specially designed fine needle is used to insert the threads into the skin, which minimizes patient discomfort. Thread lifts are ideal for patients aged 35 to 55 years with sagging cheeks, heavy nasolabial folds or other common signs of aging. A thread lift is also a good alternative for patients who are uncomfortable with more invasive procedures, have a smaller budget or are looking for a personalized treatment plan that also includes dermal fillers or other popular treatments. When applied correctly, a thread lift can lift the skin, tighten its structure and make it look much younger. Barbed sutures are placed close to the hairline to gently pull the skin back and lift the cheeks and double chin. These threads are made from medical grade materials and have been used in the medical world for years.

To determine if a PDO thread lift is right for you, contact trained aesthetic experts at Advanced Aesthetics Las Vegas in Las Vegas today to schedule your initial consultation.

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